Sedation Dentistry

Yes, you can be comfortable at the dentist!

Do you avoid getting the dental care you deserve because you feel anxious? Have you missed your dental appointments or avoided a treatment plan like fillings or crowns, either due to your fear or because it will involve sitting in a dental chair?

Many patients feel nervous or anxious before coming to the dentist. With sedation dentistry, you’ll be able to relax in comfort and enjoy your procedures. Our anaesthesia team has extensive training and will administer drugs that will help you feel more at ease during the procedure.

This safe and effective technique is beneficial for anyone that:

What is sedation and anaesthesia?

Certain sedative drugs provide relaxation, as well as other pain-relieving properties. A combination of drugs can provide all of this, as well amnesia or deep sleep, depending on the patient and the type of procedure they are having. At Dental Studio Avondale, we offer many different levels of sedation to suit your needs.

How is the medication administered?

During a dental procedure, the IV is used to administer medication that will send you into a relaxed and comfortable state. Patients who are anxious about getting an IV may be prescribed a sedative pill in our office just before the appointment. The anaesthetic patch (EMLA) can also be applied to your arm minutes before the IV is started so that it’s numbed and less painful. If you’re extremely needle-phobic, laughing gas can also be administered before the start of the IV.

How am I monitored during the procedure?

Every measure of your vital signs is closely monitored by our anesthesia team during the entire procedure. Every detail is important, which is why we care about making sure you’re safe and well taken care of.


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