Dental Insurance & Financial Information

Trying to navigate through the insurance process leaves many people scratching their heads.
Questions that we hear often include:

1) Why is one thing covered at this rate while another treatment covered at another?
2) Why is any additional payment required?
3) Why do I have to apply for coverage for treatment when I am supposed to be covered by my plan?

The answers to those questions are not simple or consistent between insurance carriers. We work with our patients to help understand their benefits and to maximize the coverage that they receive.

One thing that insurance carriers are very bad at communicating is that their coverage is designed to offset the cost of basic care. It is not designed to provide complete coverage for optimal care. The dental community however has an obligation to offer the best possible care. The difference in goals sometimes leads to the gap that can be found between optimal care and insurance coverage.

We at Metcalfe Street Dental work with all of our patients to understand their coverage and to maximize the value that they receive from their benefit plans. We process the carrier’s paperwork as efficiently as possible to allow you to receive treatment in a timely fashion and we submit your files electronically whenever feasible to ensure the quickest claims process.